The Dunleavy Legacy Trilogy

The DUNLEAVY LEGACY TRILOGY begins with a letter from Octavia Whitworth Dunleavy to each of her three grandchildren,  none of whom she has ever met. She has a proposal she hopes will interest them. They are her last chance to save the family’s once-famed Kentucky horse-racing farm.

To my dear grandchildren:

Permit me to introduce myself. I am your maternal grandmother. When I think of the bitter circumstances under which my children and I parted company, I feel safe in guessing that you have probably never heard of me. So I imagine this letter will come as quite a shock, but please bear with me.

My dears, I need to see you. I have a proposition to discuss that I hope you will find most interesting…

I look forward to hearing from you,

Yours affectionately,

Octavia Whitworth Dunleavy


Done Driftin’ 

Done Driftin’ is the first book in the Dunleavy Legacy Trilogy. It begins with a letter from Octavia Whitworth Dunleavy, the formidable matriarch of the family, to each of her three adult  grandchildren, none of whom she has met. If all goes well, she wants to hand over the once-renowned horse-racing Kentucky Dunleavy Farm to them. But will they be able to overcome old feuds and jealousies, family pride and betrayals, in an attempt to restore the Dunleavy dynasty to its former glory?

The first letter is to Carla Dunleavy.

For Carla, the invitation was intriguing. For one thing, the sender claimed to be her grandmother–a grandmother she’d never heard of. Her mother Meredith is no help; she refuses to discuss the past. So if Carla wants answers, she has to visit Dunleavy Farm in Kentucky.

Instead, once she arrived, Carla finds more questions. Why has her mother denied the family connection? And, as time goes on and mysterious and dangerous incidents seem devised to harm the elderly Octavia and ruin the family name.

But one question Carla isn’t sure she wants answered is: why is Wade Petrie, the very handsome cowboy, who manages the Dunleavy Farm, not telling all he knows?


Done Cryin’

Done Cryin’ is the second book of The Dunleavy Legacy Trilogy.

For Nan Dunleavy, her grandmother’s invitation couldn’t have come at a better time. She was on her own and out of money. The cost of her father’s long illness had driven their small dude ranch into bankruptcy, and Octavia’s offer gave her the chance to make a fresh start.

Unfortunately, a few miles from Dunleavy Farm, a teenager on the bicycle slammed into the back of her beat-up old truck. Seconds later, a large luxury car pulled up beside her and an irate man–obviously the boy’s father–delivered an unflattering lecture on Nan’s driving.

The man’s name was Trent Spencer and, despite the hostile introduction, he and his son were about to change Nan’s life.

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Never Done Dreamin’

Octavia’s invitation was tearing them apart.

There was no way Seth Dunleavy was even going to consider the possibility of visiting Dunleavy Farm. He claimed he had no family in Kentucky–and didn’t want any.

His wife didn’t believe him. Honey Dunleavy had seen how much he envied the relationship she had with her own father. She thought they should go and meet his grandmother, and take the chance she was offering.

It might even save their marriage.

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